FITC's Mission and History

Mission Florence International Theatre Company intends to create a renaissance of theatrical tradition in Florence which reflects the city's international status. Embracing, celebrating and exploring the differences of world cultures as they come together in a theatrical context, FITC will develop projects and productions which bridge cultures and language while connecting the community it serves. Creating works of art, primarily in English, and sharing this work with the Tuscan community, FITC strives to build a significant relationship through artistic productions, educational and outreach programs. FITC plans to become a center of inter-cultural exchange and communication - a shining light for Florence - through the art of theatre. History FITC was created in 2005 by Bari Hochwald and Aaron Craig who were co-Artistic Directors until January 2008 when Mr. Craig stepped down. Bari Hochwald is currently Producing Artistic Director. The creative aim of FITC is to combine the American approach to theatre with Italian and other world influences. FITC’s structure is modeled after the American Regional Theatre which offers a strong focus on community involvement and outreach through the arts as well as an educational environment which,in this case, is responsive to the unique nature of Florence. This brings a new mode of theatre and arts engagement to the city. Since its inauguration FITC has brought six main stage productions to the city center, created two shows for children, developed the course 'Theatrical Adventures with the English Language", created two community-involved bi-lingual works for The European Union's Day of Memory for the Holocaust, created an original work of theatre for the 40th anniversary of the Flood of 1966 and created the extra-curricular programming - Creative Campus with over 35 creative and artistic events and projects created by university students in the city for other students and the community. Since its inception FITC's main stage productions have attracted theatre veterans to our stages as performers and directors and FITC's audience grows continually. We are proud to say, as we are committed to the entire community of Florence, that currently 50% of our audience are Italian. With Creative Campus, FITC has worked with students from 12 different universities and programs in the city